Thursday, April 23, 2009

Up and running.....

Birthdays, Easter, Zoo, Nascar...... These have all taken place in the last month and I am just writing about them. Oops! Sorry!
Sooooo here we go. Mikes 33rd birthday was last month (march 30th) and we had a little family BBQ with his parents and brother (and Danielle) at our house. If you ever want to see a grown man skip, give him a Wii. As soon as Mike saw what the kids & I got him he got the biggest grin on his face and SKIPPED to the TV with it! This is the first of any kind of gaming system we have ever purchased. I think that is why he was so darn excited. Have you ever played Wii? It is addicting! We play almost every day. I mean, we are going out of town this weekend and I have seriously thought about bringing it with! Love this thing! Don't have many games yet but the kids love playing Wii Sports. Bowling is my game, but Micah & Mike love golfing. Kaelyn loves tennis too!
Mike's golf cake, he got to keep the cart!

Micah about to kick butt on Wii boxing

Next was Easter weekend. The Friday prior I took Micah & Kaelyn to the Wild Life Zoo. My mom gave us as a family for Christmas season passes & we try to go at least once a month. The kids love it there! You can take train rides thru some of the sanctuary's and sky rides over the zoo too! This time we took advantage of beautiful weather and fed the Giraffes, rode the sky ride and they went on the carousal. Saturday was a lazy day with Kaelyn & I running errands and having a girls lunch while the boys went off and test drove cars and did a boys lunch. Ever since Mike traded in his car to get my Durango for Christmas he has been driving the mini-van I used to drive. Shudder! I hated it! Sorry babe! So he is counting down the days that he can sell the van and find his new ride. Hoping, fingers crossed, that when he returns from Iraq he'll have a 'sweet' ride waiting for him. Baaack to the weekend. Easter Sunday the kids woke to baskets and Eggs galore. This year the bunny heard about all the goodies 'Nana Bunny' was bringing and gave them instead lots of fun crafty things. Later in the day we trekked to Ahwatukee to the Melting Pot for Easter dinner. Micah was in total disbelief that he got to cook his own food, it was adorable! We stuffed our faces and had a wonderful time with a equally wonderful waitress who gave the kids their own pot at no extra charge! Yay!

You get up close and feed them!

Micah feeding in the aviary.
Kaelyn's favorite thing is the baby petting area. If she could, she would have scooped her up and brought her home!

The only shot of Easter I got before my camera died.

Aaaand this last weekend was NASCAR. Don't get me started on how much Micah is just over the moon with Jeff Gordon. Anything NASCAR and he is a happy boy. So thru we were able for the third year in a row to get free tickets. Thanks so much! It is an awesome site that, thru donations, give away tickets to Baseball, Hockey, Disney on Ice, MotoX, you name it! And all for active duty or veteran military members. This was Micah's 2nd year going, my 6th & Mikes 3rd. We also took Mikes dad Mike Sr. again this year because we had such a great time last year. It seems every time NASCAR weekend rolls around it is also one of the hottest weekends. I mean HOT! I didn't want to take off my sunglasses for a while because I was afraid my eye makeup was somewhere around my cheeks! Thankfully not, but a great day/night with many memories made!
Mike, Mike & Micah, 3 Polk generations

My father-in-law & I

This weekend is looking to be busy too. Mike Srs birthday BBQ is Saturday, going out with friends for drinks (NO KIDS!!!) Saturday night, Mike golfing Sunday & me shopping. Bring it on!

Had to throw in a pic I took of Harrison. Such a happy boy! And cute too!

6 months & no teeth!

Today is Harrison's half birthday, i.e. he's 6 months old. Already?! Seriously, where has time gone?! And can I have any back? GAH!

Knowing that he is my last (sorry Mike) is probably why I am having such a hard time with him being this big already. And fat too! Let me tell you how surprised I was today at his ped's when she told me how much he weighs....... 18lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How, I have no clue as he spits up about 75% of each bottle. Must be all the baby food he eats. We had to start feeding him cereal at 2 months because of how bad his reflux was/is and with the food being thicker and heavier it would settle lower in his stomach. And boy does this boy love to eat. All I have to say is watch your hands around him if there is any morsel of food in them. Quick as lightening he will grab your hand and try to cram the whole thing in his mouth! Talk about fuuuunny! So 18lbs puts him at the 60% on weight and his height is 27" which is at the 75%. Healthy and happy all around.

*18 hours young

Gone are his old man wrinkly hands, they are now adorably fat and plump.

Today at 6 months.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More to come.....

Had a great Easter weekend with the fam, but the camera that has pictures to show is D-E-A-D and needs a good charge. Sooooo hopefully I will get this going sometime today or tonight. Check back later ya'll!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

She just turned 4!!!

When Micah was about 4&1/2 Mike taught him how two ride a two wheeled bike. Now he's a pro! Today after he came home from drill, Mike and our neighbor Mike were talking outside so Kaelyn decided she was ready to learn how to ride without training wheels. The video I took was literally right as he was teaching her. I am soooooooooo proud of her! Enjoy;

Yea...... about the way you have to watch it..... If anyone knows how to rotate the darn video please let me know. I had a blond moment when I taped it on my camera as you can see.

Rules? Who needs rules?!

Last night the kids and I were playing Candy Land. Kaelyn had the upper hand all 3 games! But little Harrison was watching the game like it was Wimbledon or the Super Bowl and I couldn't figure out why. But then I looked at it on his level and all I saw was color. He was seeing all of these colors! So I sat his happy butt on the game board and this was the outcome:

*Please ignore the dinner on his jam-jams. The poor baby has bad acid reflux and everything he eats even with meds, he still manages to upchuck.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Wind, Wind go away.....

When I woke up today it was so nice outside, a cool gentle breeze. So I opened the windows downstairs. Then Meriam our housekeeper came and tidied and polished the house up so nice and clean. I go about my day, bathing and dressing the kids, preparing meals. Not noticing what was brewing outside. A horrible, nasty, dry and dusty wind storm! So now my once tidied and polished home is still quite tidy but polished no more. There in it's once polished place lies a nice {and gross} layer of dust & dirt. Lovely.

P.S. I closed the windows, but too late. My allergies are now flaring up. GAH!

*Notice the curtains askew, and my pretty table has no pretty shine.

Not much going on this weekend either. Mike has drill and with his deployment coming up and him being the company commander, his weekends are pretty hectic. We will just hang out at home. Possibly play outside with the neighborhood kids, weather permitting. Hope you all have a fun and festive weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Sushi Date

So I have this amazing BFF. Her name is Heather, love it! Heathyr & Heather! You should see the ladies at Starbucks when they ask our names! Aaaaaand both of our husbands are named Mike, crazy huh?! But wait, it gets better. We met because we only live two houses away from each other. Mike & I recently purchased a beautiful home, and about a month of living in our quaint little culdesac this beautiful little girl comes running over to our driveway and introduces herself to Micah & Kaelyn. Taya+Micah+Kaelyn= the best of the best of friends! Taya is 5, Micah is 5 and Kiki is 4. You seriously can't tear them apart, and on a daily basis.

So I meet her mother, enter stage left Heather. :) We immediately click. Right there, on the spot. Slowly we come to find our hub's matching names AND our kids too! Taya and Kaelyn share the same middle name {Michelle} and her stepsons name is Christian, which happens to be Micah's middle name! I know!!!!

She is the funniest, wittiest all around great person and I am so blessed to have her in my life and call her friend. I mean at least once a week we hit up Target and coffee, and then there is sushi. I HAVE A SUSHI FRIEND!!!! Mike hates seafood so I hardly get to indulge in a spicy tuna roll. But since meeting my BFF we try to every other week. You will usually find me at her home Thursday's for Ugly and Grey's or vice verse. One other little tidbit that brings us even closer together is we are both Seattlites! And she has introduced me to her friend Jillian who is also a Seattlite. I swear it gets better everyday!

So thank you Mike for talking me into buying this abode I now call home and thank you Heather for showing me true friendship. "Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us."

Mike & Heathyr

Heather & Mike

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's all a learning game

So I created an account ages ago and let it become dusty. Dusty? I totally forgot about it. Soooooo here we go again, take two.
Children growing, sprouting fat rolls (Harrison), 4 going on 14 year old 'tudes' (Kaelyn) & losing baby teeth (Micah) has somehow taken my life. Love it, love it, love it! Well not really lovin the tude.
Husbands leaving, not {that} kind of leaving, the deploying kind of leaving. After 6 years of marriage Mike ships off to Iraq for 1 year. GAH!!!!!!! I am going to need some serious hand holding and a veeeeeery strong drink or two to get thru this!
And this my friends and family is why I've started blogging. You may see something new and interesting everyday or it could be a few weeks to see a little tidbit into my crazy happenings. Wish us luck and lots of safe prayers!