Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's all a learning game

So I created an account ages ago and let it become dusty. Dusty? I totally forgot about it. Soooooo here we go again, take two.
Children growing, sprouting fat rolls (Harrison), 4 going on 14 year old 'tudes' (Kaelyn) & losing baby teeth (Micah) has somehow taken my life. Love it, love it, love it! Well not really lovin the tude.
Husbands leaving, not {that} kind of leaving, the deploying kind of leaving. After 6 years of marriage Mike ships off to Iraq for 1 year. GAH!!!!!!! I am going to need some serious hand holding and a veeeeeery strong drink or two to get thru this!
And this my friends and family is why I've started blogging. You may see something new and interesting everyday or it could be a few weeks to see a little tidbit into my crazy happenings. Wish us luck and lots of safe prayers!