Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday five.....

Thursday Five with MannLand5 allows you to think back on your week and find five things that have made you:






This week, to be honest, I have a lot to be thankful, happy, joyful, excited, jubilant, and grateful.

Happy- I am happy my two youngest monkeys (Harrison & Karleigh) are 99% healed of ear infections. I'm still pumping the amoxicillin per the Dr., or on base Cpt's orders. All ear tugs, coughs, sleepless nights, fevers and tears are a thing of the past.

Joyful- Micah graduated Kinder yesterday!! My goodness how this year has flown! He had a ceremony in the morning where the 2 K classes performed songs, some sign language, a luau dance and were awarded diplomas. It made me cry know Mike was missing this. He is so proud of him, they have a golf day planned as a reward for his great accomplishment. Good job Bubba!!!

Excited- I have never experienced a honeymoon. Ever. So Mike has been planning a 'Honeycation' for when he deploys home. Where are we going?! Cancun!!! The original plan was 14 days but I was having serious issues leaving the kids for that long so we settled on 7 days in Cancun and 5 days in DISNEYLAND with the kids! I don't know who's more excited, me or the monkeys. This momma has never been! I think excited may be an understatement.

Jubilant- Mike has safely reached his (fingers crossed) final FOB until September when they redeploy home. This week he has flown to 3 FOB's. The last he was at was a temporary fill-in for someone on R&R, he then flew back to his original for 'so long' then to the current. And they have web cams!!!!! We get to see him every other day! Karleigh is starting to recognize him too and it just melts his heart. She coo's and smiles for daddy, with the occasional fist pump. ;)

Grateful- I am so very grateful for my mother-in-law Terry and sister-in-law Danielle. They watched all my monkeys last week when I went on a bucket list vacation to New York with my momma. I honestly scored (JACKPOT) in the MIL department. She is the epitome of a grandmother. Will do any and everything for her 'grandbabies', spoiling a' plenty too! The monkeys just adore Auntie Danielle, she has a pool! Where do you think I'm going to be all summer?!

Friday, May 14, 2010

The hap's around here...

My Dearest Harrison,
Mommy loves you so much, to da moon as we say around here! I love your kisses so, they are heart-meltable.
Lately we had run into a road block of sorts. THE TOILET SCRUBBY IS NOT A SALT LICK! While I love your hugs and kisses, I do not love the toilet bowl after taste that follows.
Soooooo, yeah. Nuff said.
Love, MaMa

Friday, May 7, 2010

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Recipe for a Military Spouse
1 1/2 cups Patience
1 cup Courage
3/4 cup Tolerance
dash of Adventure
1 pound of Ability

To the above ingredients: Add 2 tablespoons elbow grease and let stand alone for one year. Marinate frequently with salty tears. Pour off excess fat and sprinkle ever so lightly with money then Knead dough until payday. Season with international spices. Bake 20 years or until done. Makes unlimited servings


It's days like today that remind me I'm not alone. I have sisters who share my fears, pray the same prayers, love with pride and stand tall through it all. We may not have the same mothers but we married brothers in arms. I thank all of you for the sacrifice's you make.

Jose Cuervo you are my amigo.....

Days like these are why I whole heartedly understand why liquor was invented. Whoever made up this maddening concoction, I bow down to you. Oh, fill 'er up too.
What may have happened (major pluralization here) to make me want to quench my thirst with a stiff drink? I will tell you, on my newly replaced laptop. That I just flippin bought not even a month ago. Yeah, thaaaat kind of day.
Story begins last night. My amazing sister in law came over to kick my lazy keester in cleaning mode. We scrubbed, scoured, swept, polished, mopped, dusted everything {but the laundry}. I went to bed feeling pretty damn productive of what we accomplished. My goal today was to finish the laundry and keep my house clean and tidy. Mission= failed.
Harrison thinks at lunch time that his cut up grapes are projectiles, still finding slime. Kaelyn decides to post-it everything she likes in the house. I need to buy more post-its. During shower time my master bath walk in shower drain clogs. With what? Grapes, go figure. Where am I? Not in the bathroom. In the bedroom dressing Karleigh, Harrison running around nekked, me dripping wet. Kaelyn= 'Mommy there's water and dark stuff in the shower'. In the shower, running in the bathroom, now streaming into my room. WTF?! Old pipe crud I think is what the dark stuff was. Fix the drain, start mopping the water back in the shower, still naked. Harrison, still naked. Chooses to pee on the rug to remind me of his nakedness.
Fast forward ohhhh 10 minutes, finally we are all clothed. Rug now in bathroom as a reminder to wash it. Micah is now home from school so I hand the 3 oldest a chocolate frozen treat and shoo them to the backyard. With a stern lecture to STAY OUTSIDE TILL THEY ARE FINISHED WITH SAID TREAT. I had to finish the bathroom. There was still water under the vanity and in the bedroom. I had about 2 minutes (no joke) of cleaning and in wanders Harrison covered in chocolate. My own fault for giving a 1year old an ice cream bar. Get him all cleaned up, time for him to go back outside. Oh Lord, there was not just chocolate on him. The hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen, TV room.  I swear they literally walked right back inside as soon as I was down the hall. And just let the chocolate melt, not eating any of it. Harrison paints himself and the floor, Micah puts his on the table and walks away, Kaelyn has hers on her dress and the floor. Am I raising cavemen? Totally forget the bathroom as I mutter curse under my breath cleaning the floors that were just cleaned the night before. Boy's start playing rough, Harrison falls on his face resulting in a fat lip. My nerves are rapidly fraying, patience diminishing.
Get floors cleaned, again. Need to rest, gather myself. Check facebook. On my semi-new totally fantabulous laptop hub's gifted me a few weeks prior. Order Chinese for dinner, cooking was so not a option at that point. Get up for some random reason and leave semi-new laptop open. Harrison? Feeding semi-new laptop water. He better thank his lucky stars he's so darn cute because by then I was ready to sell him to the lowest bidder. Or an even trade for a box of wheat thins.
Computer is fried, keyboard dripping wet kind of fried. Not even 5 minutes of blow drying would bring it back to life. Thank you Costco for such a great return policy!
Screw Chinese, I want to drink my dinner. 

Never touched the laundry.

Pee rug is still in the bathroom.

Friday, you better be good to me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Father daughter bonding oceans apart.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Better late than never?! Milspouse Blog Hop

I know this took place last Friday but I really wanted to participate. I found out about the blog hop while stalking other milspouse blogs.
Hi all! My name is Heathyr. I am the proud wife of my equally proud husband Mike. We have been married for almost 7 years, together for almost 8. Mike is (it's a long one!) a prior service, ROTC grad, Nat. Guard, active duty pursuing, current sandbox living 1LT in the Army. Got it all? I know, but we manage. :) We met not long after he served his 3 years active and was studying partying his way through Jr. college. A friend introduced me to this utterly handsome man with the bluest eyes and the cutest dimples one night at this dive bar in Tucson. He was in his sophomore year in college, playing for the football team. I had moved to AZ 3 years prior and was just living life. Not looking for anything or anyone. Miss independent! But the moment I laid eyes on him, game over. We seriously started dating right then and there. His junior year he was accepted to the ROTC at University of Arizona (GO CATS!) and we set forth building a family and praying for active duty. WE ARE STILL PRAYING TO THIS DAY. I married a 'lifer'. So to any of you reading this who can find a slot in your talks with God, can ya help a girl out here? Hoping by the end of this deployment to stay active.
I am a stay at home mom to 4 of the most outrageous children. 2 boys & 2 girls. Micah is our sensitive 6 year old and the only child who inherited my hazel eyes. Kaelyn is the most spirited 5 year old I will ever know. She goes and goes with endless energy from the moment her eyes open in the morning till she crashes out (literally) at night. Harrison is our tank, ALL BOY. But so full of love too. 18 months of blond hair and dimples, with the stubborn streak just like his father. Last is miss Karleigh. She came into the world exactly 1 week after I turned 30. Side note, when we were talking about kids, I told my husband I wanted to be done by the time I was 30. Ironic? She is our miracle baby. When I was 16 weeks along we found out I had antibody E. Basically she has a different antibody than I do so my body was attacking her red blood cells. This made for a very long and stressful pregnancy. Alone. Mike left for training in Aug., then straight to Iraq in Dec. I was induced at 38 weeks and she was born healthy save for a slight case of jaundice. Daddy missed the birth but was able to meet his littlest princess 2 weeks later on R&R.
I made my blog over a year ago but just recently began writing. I'd love to meet any military wives, learn how to deal with a deployment as this is my first and can't wait to one day become another active duty wife. Thanks for checking me out!!!!!!

Bad blogger!

My poor blog has been poorly neglected! How bad, or I should say how long? Almost a year! Ouch (tsk tsk)! My goodness at all we've been up to. Moving, having another (EEK!) baby, Mike deploying, Micah starting school, selling our house, moving yet again, birthdays, milestones..... I could really go on. Like I said already, bad blogger!
So where did we last post and were are we now?
Last post- Living in Avondale. Now- Moved to Iowa briefly, then back to AZ. Now residing in Tucson.
Last post- Thinking we were done having kids after Harrison. Now- Harrison is now the proud big brother of Karleigh Elizabeth.
 Born February 11th at 12:34pm. Weighing 7lbs 1oz.

Last post- Mike still stateside. Now- He is now dodging IDF's and eating horrible chow in a giant sandbox.

Last post- Micah at home with mommy being his personal preschool teacher. Now- My big boy is now a bus riding, word reading, test taking, field trip adventuring kindergartner!
 Kaelyn eagerly awaits his return home daily to badger him about all he learned and the 'cool' things he did.
*Can you find my dude in this pic?
Last post- We were living in our 'dream house'. Now- With a deployment looming and a 4th baby on the horizon we decided to sell the house and move closer to Mike's family in the grand and beautiful state of Iowa. That was short lived folks. My AZ warm blooded arse barely survived one of the worst winters Iowan's had witnessed in almost 100 years!!! So during Mike's 2wk R&R we moved back to the dry and sunshine state we call Arizona. Now are living (temporarily, yay military!) in Tucson.
Last post- lemme see.... Harry still 0, Micah 5, Kaelyn 4, Mommy 29, Mike, 33. Now- Mizz Karleigh is now our 0 baby, Harry just hit 18 months, Micah turned 6 in Jan, Kaelyn turned 5 in Feb
, I hit the 'dirty 30' in Feb
 & poor Mike got to celebrate 34 with a bunch of men saying 'Happy Birthday, Sir.'.
Last post- Our toothless wonder (harry) was a fat, semi-bald baby who spit up alllllll the time. Now- He is sprouting teeth like crazy.
 Yet has the best disposition about it all. Food is #1 for our little tank. Fruits, veggies and cheese are a daily must for him. Talking? Not so much. In due time. Micah wasn't much in communication as a toddler so I'm not too worried. He's pretty good with gestures and gets his point across with a good foot stomp and an occasional head bang or two. We are also awaiting the Army to upgrade my husband's rank to captain, easier said than done.
So now that I'm allllllll caught up I will make it my mission, job goal to be on here more. Updating, venting, storytelling and rambling. Here we goooooooo!!!!!!