Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday five.....

Thursday Five with MannLand5 allows you to think back on your week and find five things that have made you:






This week, to be honest, I have a lot to be thankful, happy, joyful, excited, jubilant, and grateful.

Happy- I am happy my two youngest monkeys (Harrison & Karleigh) are 99% healed of ear infections. I'm still pumping the amoxicillin per the Dr., or on base Cpt's orders. All ear tugs, coughs, sleepless nights, fevers and tears are a thing of the past.

Joyful- Micah graduated Kinder yesterday!! My goodness how this year has flown! He had a ceremony in the morning where the 2 K classes performed songs, some sign language, a luau dance and were awarded diplomas. It made me cry know Mike was missing this. He is so proud of him, they have a golf day planned as a reward for his great accomplishment. Good job Bubba!!!

Excited- I have never experienced a honeymoon. Ever. So Mike has been planning a 'Honeycation' for when he deploys home. Where are we going?! Cancun!!! The original plan was 14 days but I was having serious issues leaving the kids for that long so we settled on 7 days in Cancun and 5 days in DISNEYLAND with the kids! I don't know who's more excited, me or the monkeys. This momma has never been! I think excited may be an understatement.

Jubilant- Mike has safely reached his (fingers crossed) final FOB until September when they redeploy home. This week he has flown to 3 FOB's. The last he was at was a temporary fill-in for someone on R&R, he then flew back to his original for 'so long' then to the current. And they have web cams!!!!! We get to see him every other day! Karleigh is starting to recognize him too and it just melts his heart. She coo's and smiles for daddy, with the occasional fist pump. ;)

Grateful- I am so very grateful for my mother-in-law Terry and sister-in-law Danielle. They watched all my monkeys last week when I went on a bucket list vacation to New York with my momma. I honestly scored (JACKPOT) in the MIL department. She is the epitome of a grandmother. Will do any and everything for her 'grandbabies', spoiling a' plenty too! The monkeys just adore Auntie Danielle, she has a pool! Where do you think I'm going to be all summer?!

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